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Visitation Agreement Lawyers in Hawaii

In a Hawaii divorce, visitation rights will typically depend upon the child custody arrangement. When parents have joint physical custody, visitation is not an issue as the child or children will live with both parents. However, when one parent has sole custody the other parent will have visitation rights. There is no set in stone rule regarding visitation. The terms or schedule of visitation may be determined by the parents if they agree, if they do not, this issue will be decided by the judge.

Working with an attorney at Ohana Legal on every aspect of your divorce, particularly issues involving your child or children, can help your case in many ways. If you are trying to work out visitation rights for your divorce, or if you are already divorced and are trying to get or change visitation rights, Ohana Legal can help.

Visitation: How an Attorney Can Help

There are many aspects of visitation rights which can be complex. Ohana Legal can help if you are:

  • A grandparent seeking visitation rights with your grandchild or grandchildren
  • A non-custodial parent looking to obtain visitation rights with your child
  • A custodial parent seeking to deny visitation for the safety or well-being of your child
  • A parent going through a divorce
  • A custodial or non-custodial parent looking to change the current visitation schedule or rights

These issues are very sensitive, and thus it is crucial to work with an attorney who is compassionate as well as knowledgeable and aggressive in order to help you get the outcome you desire. To learn more about visitation agreements or to secure the help of an attorney from our firm, please contact our office today!

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