Prenuptial Agreements

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Attorney for Prenuptial Agreements in Hawaii

Prenuptial agreements (often referred to as “prenup” agreements) are becoming more commonplace in Hawaii. They offer couples who are getting married the security of an agreement regarding such topics as child custody, spousal support, and property distribution in the event of the death of one spouse or divorce.

If you are considering a prenuptial agreement, a Hawaii Family Law Attorney can help you. A lawyer’s advice and input on this matter will allow you to fully cover all bases and create a prenuptial agreement that will be best for you and your future spouse. With the high divorce rate, it is wise to invest time into the planning of your long term financial future.

While you don’t expect your marriage to end, it is often a good insurance policy, so to speak, in case anything does come up. Ohana Legal can help you create an agreement that fully addresses all of your concerns and that will work for you in the future, should the need arise. Prenuptial agreements can have a negative stigma, but you should think of it as a way of communicating and planning out your long term financial situation. Frankly, communicating about financial matters in advance may, in fact, strengthen your relationship. It will also build trust and honesty.

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When thinking of a prenuptial, you should seek professional help from an attorney. It is advisable that you and your fiancé have separate lawyers, so that both of your best interests are taken into consideration. At Ohana Legal, a lawyer can help you work through the prenuptial agreement process. We will ensure that your property is protected and see that every step is carried out in a comfortable manner for you and your future spouse.

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